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Tips from an AC Service on How Much Energy a HVAC Uses


Air conditioning has improved in leaps and bounds, since it first showed up on the market as a device used to cool and heat homes and buildings. In 2000, air conditioners were recorded as using anywhere from 30% to 50% less energy than their old counterparts from the 70s. With modern technology, manufacturers have found new ways to design HVAC systems to run more efficient.


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Before going into how much energy is used by air conditioning, it is crucial to first understand a little on how they operate. An air conditioner works similar to refrigerators, meaning that a pump and circuit tubing make up its cooling system. Within the device are serpentine tubing, usually made from copper, which conjoins into two kinds of coils, these are condenser and evaporator coils. The cold interior evaporator coil will be the thing that cools a room, while the exterior coil releases the heat outside. The collected heat which is released is from energy which run through the machine whilst it is on.


Also within an air conditioner, there is a pump referred to as a compressor. This moves fluid known as refrigerant, between an evaporator and the condenser. Both coils are encased in aluminium, and the compressor pushes the liquid through a series of fins and tubing. The liquid will evaporate as it gets to the evaporator, which in turn draws heat out of the interior air. This gaseous refrigerant will be carried to the condenser, where it turns back into liquid and expels heat.


Ratings for air conditioning are by the number of BTU’s an air conditioner removes every  hour, 12,000 BTU equals a ton. The energy efficiency is calculated by dividing BTU’s every hour by how many watts an air conditioner uses. The final number will be the Energy Efficiency Ratio, this will be used to calculate the efficiency of a system. So if you are looking for an HVAC system which is cost effective, speak to your local AC service for help and advice.


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