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Why You Might Need AC or Heating Repair

We hope that you have already read our previous article. If you haven’t, you’d better check it out. In it, you will find the first part of our “Most Common HVAC Problems” list. So, in this article, we would like to share the other five reasons why you might require the help of Air Supply Heating & Cooling.

  1. Gas valve problemThis is a very serious problem that requires a fast heating repair service. Since the gas valve meters the gas that flows through the line to the unit, if it is damaged from corrosion, it should be changed as soon as possible.
  2. FiltersAs you probably know, the filters of the HVAC system might get clogged from the particles in the air. If this is the case, the filter should be changed. If you want to know whether that is the case with your unit, you need to hold it up to the light. If the light can’t pass through it, you need to contact Air Supply Heating & Cooling for the service. Delaying the change might reduce the air flow and cause further damage to your AC.
  3. Blown fusesEven though the main job of the fuses is to blow, it is pretty pesky when that happens. Nevertheless, if the fuses of your motor have blown, this might indicate damage that is bigger than the usual.
  4. Worn contactorNo matter which of the three contractors in your AC has worn out, it should be changed by a professional technician. Otherwise, the electrical connection between the compressor and the other parts of the unit might not be attained.
  5. Problems with the capacitorsWhether it is the run capacitor or the start capacitors that have burned out, they should be replaced by an experienced HVAC contractor.

It is of no difference to us what kind of AC or heating repair you need. All that matters is that we are the reliable company for you in Henderson, NV!