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A Few Situations That Require a Professional Air Conditioning Service

We are more than proud to welcome you to the blog page of our website. Here you can interesting tips and details about our company and our work. For example, in this article we will write about five of the most common types of air conditioning service, and in the next one, we will continue with part two on this subject.

  1. Problems with the thermostatThe thermostat is a device that tells the AC what the temperature of the room is. So, if it is broken, it might not measure correctly, and your AC will start acting weird.
  2. Clogged drain linesEven though you might thing that it doesn’t happen so frequently, this problem is more common than you think. The drain line can be clogged with algae or dirt. If that happens, the water will go to the AC and it might even lead to water damage by leaking inside the room.
  3. Refrigerant leakKeep in mind that the AC unit is a closed system. That is why it is impossible for it to have a leak unless there is a breach somewhere. Consequently, if the technician simply recharge the unit, the problem won’t be solved, and soon after, you will once again need an air conditioning service.
  4. CompressorSince this is the so called “heart of the AC”, you can imagine that having a problem with it might be serious. The most common problems come from undercharging or overcharging with freon during the installation.
  5. Problems with the condenser and evaporator coilsThe condensator coil might often get dirty; therefore, it should be cleaned every year with water or a chemical cleaner. The evaporator coil, however, can be on the inside. If that is the case, it should be cleaned every three years.

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